ASlink-Warning Paged Area PSEG Length Error

Hi, I’m just getting back into programming Wixels.
On my very first build I’m getting:

?ASlink-Warning Paged Area PSEG Length Error

?ASlink-Warning Paged Area PSEG Boundary Error

Can someone tell me what to do about this?

Thanks a lot,

Hello, Colin.

The error message you are getting is a linker error which indicates that you have too many variables in the PSEG (PDATA) section of RAM for one of the apps you are trying to build. By default, all variables go into PSEG, which has 256 bytes. The build output should indicate which app was being linked when the error occurred. In that app, you probably made too many variables in PSEG. Try moving some of those variables to XDATA by adding “XDATA” before their definitions. You can read about the different memory spaces in the SDCC compiler user’s guide and here:

In the Wixel’s UART library you can see an example of how to define a big buffer in XDATA space:


Thank you David. That is enlightening. I’ll probably be able to get by just by cleaning up the code.