Artorius Humanoid Robot

Dear All,

Let me introduce myself:

I’m Mauro Laurenti an Italian guy forgotten in Germany…but some time I got lost in USA as well!

I would like to share with you my last project that has been developed thinking in terms of a world wide community, so I have done it in English.

Project: Artorius Humanoid Robot

All the documentation can be found in the fallowing link

The project is quite nice and complex, but I’m a believer…and great things can be done with a community.

Looking forward for your feedback,


Mauro Laurenti

Hello Mauro,

This looks like an ambitious and exciting project. Do you have any videos of Artorius in action?

- Ryan

Hello Ryan,

you are right, is quite an exiting project…

I do have some short video during the time just the head was attached but nothing exiting…

By the way the, the project as you have seen, is huge and any change require me a lot of job. I have actually decided to let Artorius being public before it was finished, because I’m trying to make a community that could give his contribution to go further…
…beside the fact that I got up on Saturday at 7:30a.m and I’m already programming…
…Artorius needs more time and cares! :slight_smile:



…in few days Artorius’ home page has been visited from all over the world…

Some people have commented that the Documentation for Artorius robot is not too much…

I can I agree with that, but I have to say that another document is on way to come and is more than 100 pages. It is growing every day but unfortunately I’m the only one supporting the project right now.

Beside Documenting there is a lot to do…jobs span from
PIC18 programming, C++ programming, GUI, Test Cases, code check, testing, hardware design, hardware review, planning…

Artorius could be controlled remotely and through skype you could see the results…
…there is still stuff to do to make it happen…but I’m alone…

…who is next?



…other documents are now on line.

I’m working every day on the software to build up the basc library infrastructure. I’m currently doing reengineering of the old classes to make them fit within the better design picture that is now available.