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Art student needs your advice :)

Hi Guys,

I’m a grad arts student looking for some electronic advice for an installation. I’m looking for a simple lever product that will move up and down every minute. I’ve attached a video so you can see what I need, I was looking for a product that would do the work of my hand. Does anyone have a recommendation for me, would this kind of product work/ Is there a Pololu equivelent? I don’t require the pan only the tilt.




We do not carry pan and tilt kits or anything straightforward for a system that does that. Does the timing of the lever need to maintain precise synchronization with anything else over a long period of time, or can it just strike roughly every minute? If you do not need precise timing, you might consider building your own system that uses one of our Maestro USB Servo Controllers to control a single servo.

To get an idea for the capabilities of the Maestro and what’s involved in using it, it might be helpful to read through the Maestro’s user’s guide (located under the “Resources” tab of any Maestro’s product page), and peruse the example projects posted on our blog under the “On the blog” tab.

If that is not appealing to you, and if you cannot find any other system that is more appropriate, it might still be useful for you to get an assembly like the one you linked and just use the tilt feature.


Servocity has a great selection of servo-activated machines, e.g. “tilt only”, rotary motion, etc.