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Are scripts just for automated functions using these Maestros?

I’m looking into using a Maestro 12 for model railroad turnouts driven by a SG90 (like) servo.
No automated functions, I just want to operate the turnout between the 2 positions with a bi-colored LED indicator on the control panel.

Can this be done w/o getting into these complicated ‘scripts’?

I hope that made sense. I started looking thru the 100 page owners manual but had to put it down as my head was spinning.


It is not entirely clear to me what kind of input you are looking to use. If you want something like a 2-position switch to control what position the servo is in, as well as a light a simple indicator LED, you can do that with a Maestro, but it would require a custom script.

If you are new to the Maestro scripting language, I found the best way to learn (after reading through the “Maestro Script Language Basics” section of the Maestro user’s guide) was to load each of the Example Scripts onto my Maestro one at a time while using the “Step Script” button to run through them one command at a time. You can see the values on the stack on the right side of the “Script” tab and look at the current state of each servo channel in the “Status” tab to help understand what each command is doing. You can also use the “Command Reference” section to get a brief description of what each command does.

Alternatively, if the Maestro is connected to your PC through USB, you could control the Maestro channels directly from the sliders in the “Status” tab of the Maestro Control Center software.


Thanks for the reply.
A railroad “turnout” protocol or model has two positions; normal and reverse (railroad 101). I want to be able to ‘throw’ it either way with the ability to have a bi-colored 2 pin LED change when doing so to indicate position.

That’s all. I don’t have the advanced knowledge to write a ‘script’ especially for a very simple task.

The Maestro is a general purpose servo controller, and it does not have any modes that are specifically intended for model railroad usage, so it would require a script for something like that. Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendations for a devices that can do what you are describing without some kind of programming.


Understood, but it would be nice if a general script was available for the basic task (in model railroads) of reversing a turnout and returning back to normal that would/should work for most situations.
The user would/could modify it if needed.
My point is it gets one up and running for the simple task of moving the horn from 0 degrees to 90 and then back to zero.

None of that is anything complicated like RC boats, planes or cars. :wink: