Are flyback diodes needed for the SVP-1284


I will be using the 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP motors with the SVP-1284. Is flyback protection needed?

The reason I asked is because I saw this in on page 9 in the T B 6 6 1 2 F N G data sheet:

“If your design includes an inductive load such as a motor coil, incorporate a protection circuit into
the design to prevent device malfunction or breakdown caused by the current resulting from the
inrush current at power ON or the negative current resulting from the back electromotive force at
power OFF. IC breakdown may cause injury, smoke or ignition.”

However, I see what look like protection diodes in the diagram at the bottom of page three.



We’ve used the TB6612FNG driver in several products without any external diodes, and we have not seen any indication of problems with that. The internal diodes do seem to be drawn everywhere in the datasheet, which we should expect with a MOSFET H-bridge. The HP micro metal gearmotors can generally work from just one of the H-bridges in the TB6612, so with the drivers doubled up as they are on the Orangutan SVP, it should be no problem.

- Jan