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Are A-Star boards supported with Arduino IDE 2.x beta?

Arduino IDE 2.x (beta) had a few releases already: GitHub - arduino/arduino-ide: Arduino IDE. Do A-Star boards work with it?

Hello. I just tried a nightly build of the Arduino IDE for Windows and got it to work with an A-Star 32U4, but there were some issues.

I got this error when compiling a sketch:

Compilation error: Error: 2 UNKNOWN: Error resolving FQBN: missing platform release arduino:avr referenced by board pololu-a-star:avr:a-star32U4

I fixed that error by opening the Boards Manager (which can be found under Tools > Board > Boards Manager…) and installing the “Arduino AVR Boards” package.

The “Port” menu disappeared at one point, so I had to close and restart the IDE to make it appear.

Other than that, everything I tested worked fine.


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Thank you for testing it.