Arduino Uno + Zumo shield ... gets hot

Hi all,

When I connect my Arduino uno rev3 to the Zumo shield, the voltage regulator on Arduino (sitting next to the power connector) gets very hot and I am not getting any response back from Zumo. Zumo lights are on (red and blue on sides) but nothing else happens.
Why is this happening, any idea? Is the Zumo broken?


Hello, Rouzbeh.

I am sorry you are having problems with your Zumo Shield. Did you purchase an assembled or kit version of the Zumo? What program are you running on the Arduino? If you remove the Arduino from the Zumo shield and run the same program, does the regulator still get hot? Do you have any sensors or additional components connected to your Zumo Shield? Could you post pictures of the Zumo Shield and Arduino?

- Jeremy