Arduino Uno with TB6612FNGG

Can anyone point me to an arduino sketch (copy and paste please) to use the Pololu TB6612FNG motor driver. As well as the wiring hook up for the arduino uno and TB6612FNG?


I know several people have posted about using that driver with Arduinos on our forum. Here is one example that might help you get started:

Note that the connections and code as originally posted do not work right (that is why the person posted on the forum in the first place), but if you read all the way through the thread you will see the way to fix it. If you need more examples, please try searching our forum a bit more, and you might try searching the Arduino forum, too.

- Ben

Here’s what I did to get mine working:

Ben, in the other forum post you linked to, you mentioned it would be better to use Pin 5 so that the frequencies are the same. Do you mean to use the same pin for both inputs?