Arduino Uno - Valves and Pumps Question

Hello, my name is Taehoon Yi.

I’m trying to control two Diaphragm Pumps (12VDC/4.3W each) and four Solenoid Valves (24VDC/10W each) with Arduino Uno.

I know there are many different ways to control these parts, but first I’ve purchased two Motor Drive Shields ( … atmel.html), since one couldn’t control all 6 components.

But now I found out that the Motor Drive Shields are not stackable, and I have no idea how to connect those two Motor Drive Shields together.

Now, I decided to use two stackable relay shields ( … ZEc9p3D-71) to control my system.

So my question is, can I still use two Motor Drive Shields to control my system, or should I just use two stackable 4-way relay shields?

I just want my valves to open/close and my pumps to start/stop.

Is there better way to control my system?

And if I decide to use the relay shields, do I still need transistors, resistors, etc.?

Thank you so much,


-Taehoon Yi