Arduino Uno controlling Regulator S7V8F5


I am working on a project that involves interaction between the Arduino Uno and the Regulator S7V8F5. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can ensure that the SHDN pin is held at logic 1 while the Arduino is being programmed? I would like to have the SHDN pin at logic 1 at all times expect when I want to set it low during the main body of the Arduino sketch i.e. in the loop function.

Is there a small and simple sketch that anyone can share to help me setup this sequence?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, David.

The SHDN pin on that regulator is connected to VIN through a pull-up resistor, so by default it is pulled high until driven low. I don’t think you should have to do anything special when you reprogram the Arduino.


Hi Jon,

Thanks alot for your reply. I got it both the hardware and software working last night. It works beautifully now.