Arduino Tre Price

The new Arduino Tre is scheduled to arrive any time now (Spring 2014). Is the price known yet? Will it fall near the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black? I’m very excited for Arduino’s leap to the SBC domain (single-board-computer). I’m a bit concerned with the price for the following reasons: (1) it will be manufactured in the United States , (2) it must integrate two processors from different vendors (ATMEL and TI), and (3) it features more peripherals than R-Pi and BeagleBone Black. That said, it has to be more expensive than a 32-bit Due, but hopefully less than sixty. For Arduino’s sake, I hope the cost does not exceed $59.95 USD. On the other hand, in the very unlikely case the price is the same or less than the R-Pi Model B, that would dethrone R-Pi as the de facto king of SBCs. Share your information or opinion on price for the community. … msg1651488