Arduino Servo Project

I would like to run four servos, DSM44, with an Arduino Uno. I would like to monitor current to find servos that become jammed. I have four current sensors, Pololu #1185, ASC714 to use for this. Can I connect the current sensors to the servo positive and make this work? I just want to drive the servos 90 degrees and if any servo exeeds max current, turn on an LED and stop the one locked up and return the others to 0 degrees. Power comes from a 4.8 V NiMH battery pack.
Thank you.

Yes, I believe that should work. Although what does “stop the servo” mean? To be able to turn off the power, you need some remote power switch, such as a P-channel MOSFET or relay.

Thank you. Can’t I just stop the pusle generated by the Arduino if the current exeeds a maximum?

Now that you mention it, that’s what they do when you do that, isn’t it? So, yeah!


Be careful: not all servos turn off when you stop sending them a signal: … -in-detail

- Jan