Arduino Servo Library & GWS 125-1T/2BB/J

Hi Gang

I’ve recently purchased a GWS 125-1/2BB/J servo. This is a 360 degree servo. I’ve tried using the Arduino Servo Library but it over rotates (turns more than 360 degrees). If I use a servo tester it works fine. My hunch is has something to do with the attach() function. Specifically the min and max parameters. I’ve tried checking but there is surprisingly little information on this popular servo. Has anyone had any experience with this servo or can possibly guide me?


Jase :slight_smile:

Hello, Jase.

It seems that the problem is a difference in the way the Arduino Servo Library and your servo tester send signals. If that is the only issue you are having with the library, you could try sending a smaller movement angle that results in the angle you want. If you are having other issues like jitter in the servos, you might consider using a dedicated servo controller like our Maestro Servo Controllers, which can accept TTL serial signals from a microcontroller like an Arduino.