Arduino Robot returning to home base using Pololu IR beacon Transceiver

Hi everyone!
I am currently working on a project which involves an Arduino based robot doing a bunch of tasks and returning to home base after a specified amount of time. I am planning on using the Polulu IR beacon transceiver to bring it back to the base which will have a beacon emitting infrared light at certain frequencies which will hopefully be read by the receiver on the Polulu IR transceiver. I am having trouble figuring out how to properly integrate the Polulu IR transceiver to a normal Arduino and to code it so that when it sees the beacon light, it starts driving towards it and when it’s right infront of it, it stops. I would extremely appreciate anyone helping me out with this.


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The IR beacon has four digital outputs. You can read a digital output on the Arduino by using the digitalRead() function. Note that reading those outputs will only be able to give your robot a sense of which direction to turn to face the home base. The IR beacon does not have a way to sense distance. So, although your robot could generally drive in the direction of where it think home base is, it would not be able to know when to stop driving. You would need to use a distance sensor to add that functionality to your system. You can find all of the distance sensors we carry here.

By the way, our company name is Pololu, not Polulu.