Arduino Motor Controller Pin #10 Remap?

I would like to buy the Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino, however, this sheild uses pin #10 and I am already using pin#10 for another shield. I would like to remap pin #10 on the MC33926 Motor Driver Shield. The documentation seems to provide conflicting information on remapping pin #10 on the MC33926 Motor Driver Shield. In many places the documentation identifies that the pins can be remapped. However, in the library it says

DualMC33926MotorShield(unsigned char M1DIR, unsigned char M1PWM, unsigned char M1FB,
unsigned char M2DIR, unsigned char M2PWM, unsigned char M2FB, unsigned char nD2, unsigned char nSF) Alternate constructor for shield connections remapped by user. M1PWM and M2PWM cannot be remapped because the library assumes PWM is on timer 1. (M2PWM is on Pin #10)

Can anyone provide any guidance on if pin #10 can or cannot be remapped? Thank you

If you want to use the unmodified library, you can’t remap those two pins. If you don’t use the library or can dig into modifying the AVR timer specifics, then you can remap the pins. You probably should remap both PWM pins to being connected to two Arduino PWM pins run by the same timer.

So, you can remap it in hardware, but you need to make custom changes to the software if you do.

Thanks Darth Maker. Your answer makes sense. I’ll try remapping pins in hardware and not using the library.