Arduino, mini maestro servo controller, servos


I’m constructing a robot with 6 legs using 12 servo motors from makeblock (Servo-makeblock) to control these I’m using a Mini Maestro Servo Controller from Pololu (Servo Controller.) With the Maestro Control Center I’m able to run the robot. But how do I have to write a program for Arduino (uno, later I’ll change to Arduino Mega) to be able to control the servos via the servo controller using Rx/Tx?
Arduino I want to use, because for me it’s easier to use Arduino for additional captors and other components like this.
The idea is for later to build a controll unit which communicatie via rf, and to have some potentiometers/joysticks for the movement and some chanable rgb leds to illustrate what the robot is doing, for the case he should do something but he is standing still.

Thanks for your help,


Hello, Wellenberg.

Have you seen our Arduino library for the Maestro? The maestro-arduino library makes it easy to control a Maestro via its TTL serial interface. (For more information about the Maestro’s serial interface, see the “Serial Interface” section in the Maestro’s user’s guide.) To get started, you can read the README in the maestro-arduino’s repository and look at its examples to get an idea of how the library works.

If you write some code (or modify one of the examples) and run into problems, you can post your code here, and I would be happy to take a look.

- Amanda