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Arduino Library for DRV8833


Hello All. About two years ago now I was using a DRV8833 in conjunction with an Arduino for a small robot project. I created a small library to make controlling the motors easy. I had intended to host that library online but it was not a high priority. I finally managed to get everything setup, and I am here to announce the availability of this small library. There is really not much to it, but the primary goal was to make controlling motors through the DRV8833 convenient, which I believe it does. Hopefully others can use this as well.

The project and documentation is hosted at http://drv8833lib.sourceforge.net/. Mods, I don’t know how this sort of thing is handled, but if there is any desire to link to the library under the resources tab for the carrier board, please feel free to do so.




Hello, Johnny.

Thanks for taking the time to document your library and post it here.



Glad to do so. I just hope somebody else can get some use out of it.