Arduino lib -> 3pi

I want to add an IR remote control to the 3pi.
I did not found one for the 3pi but for arduino.
There is also a doc describing how to make 3pi Arduino ready …
but I found in this doc "this library will conflict with any other libraries that
rely on or reconfigure Timer0 or Timer2"
So I wonder if there is the other way around possible …to migrate an arduino lib to

Does someone have a recomandation for me?
Should I go the 3pi->Arduino way or migrate the lib to 3pi?


I think it will be easier to migrate it to the 3pi. That way you can consider everything it is depending on and make sure you are not making any assumptions.

- Ryan

hi Ryan,

thanks for the recommandation …
it was also my feeling and so I started my own IR receiver function …
…what I learnt meanwhile … AVR Studio does not support c++ very well
strange … which compiler does you use for the libs?

We use avrgcc.

- Ryan

ok so I will try to use inherance for the inpulse lib to add the callback function
and make use of it for my sirc decoder and may be later for the QTRsensor.