Arduino IDE 1.6.4 3rd party board support?

One of the neat features of the new Arduino 1.6.4 IDE is the ability to manage unofficial boards a little more gracefully.

I was wondering if anyone from Pololu was working toward implementing the remote boards management for the A-star devices? I have a few of your controllers and would love to be able to use the newer IDE with them…

Here’s a site that is starting to list the known third party boards now supporting the remote json configuration method. Maybe we can see you guys added to that list soon? :slight_smile: … pport-urls


Hello. Yes, we are going to look into integrating our A-Star 32U4 and Orangutan controllers with Arduino’s new Boards Manager.

In the meantime, there should not be any problem with using an A-Star or Orangutan with Arduino 1.6.4. If you try it and encounter problems, we can help you troubleshoot.