Arduino and SVP-1284

I just bought a SVP-1284 and I wish I could program it with Arduino Environment.
Anyone have done so?
I am actually using a mac, and I would like too program the micro using something different than the terminal.

Hello, juliocio.

As far as we know, the standard Arduino libraries (which provide functions like “millis()”) will not work on an ATmega1284p so we are unaware of any way to program the SVP using the Arduino IDE. You might be able to figure something out.

You can use any text editor you want to edit the code. It seems like a lot of Mac people like to use TextMate. If switching to the terminal to program is too cumbersome for you, there might be some way to add a custom menu command to TextMate that will run “make program” for you.


According to this page, the 1284p in the orang will work, and has been tested with the Arduino core. Libraries would be hit-and-miss, and no guarantee on the timing being correct. But if all you want is the IDE anyway, then you’re set.

I would guess that you would have to create a new entry in board.txt with the correct oscillator speed. You don’t need a bootloader, but you would need to add the programmer to programmer.txt.

Lines to add to programmers.txt: ISP v2

I don't have the board to test it, but I would guess this would work for boards.txt:[code] Orangutan w/ ATmega1284p via Programmer

It may not recognize the atmega1284p entry, which would probably require some deeper modifications to the core. I do not have a board to test it, so I can’t help you there. This may not work with IDEs older than 1.0.