Arduino and Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller Tutorial?

Hello everybody. I am a complete newbie and decided to buy the Arduino starter kit from Adafruit. I also bought the Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller from another merchant. I just finished the third lesson on Everything is starting to click (so far, so good).

I was wondering if there are any thorough tutorials on the net that focuses on working with the Arduino Diecimila, Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller and rc servos. I’ve tried searching many different forums but only came across one (panobot). I am hoping there are others with diagrams, pics and such.

Please help,


As far as I know there isn’t any information out there, other than what you saw already on this forum (actually Zagrophyte was talking about making the Panobot thread into a tutorial on the Arduino Playground). The Panobot thread is quite scattered. So, after reading through it (and I’m not sure what the lessons you mentioned covered, isn’t loading for me) what are you having trouble with?