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Applying external voltage on Output pins at Jrk G2 18v19

I would like to have backup for my system in case there is a software error or manual operation is needed.
To do that, I will need to apply voltage on the output pins of the Jrk G2 18v19.
Would it damage the driver?

Thank you,

Hi, Yakir.

We do not recommend connecting another source directly to the outputs of the Jrk. If it is possible for you to add a physical switch or relay at the Jrk’s output, that would be best.


Hi Claire, Tnx for the response.
I’m not sure I understood, I want to use manual switch that allow the operator to use the motor in case my system doesn’t work. To do so, I want to connect the voltage of the system to the output pins via physicals switch. It is not for normal operation, only when error occurred. Is that what you meant?

Thanks alot,

Physical switches should be fine. You should make sure the switches can handle the current draw of your motor, and I recommend using some kind of double pole switch so you can make the connection from the external source to the motor and also break the connection from the Jrk to the motor at the same time.


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