APA102/APA102C have already stopped producing?

I heard that APA102/APA102C have already stopped producing? all APA102/APA102C made in china was faked LED, as Taiwan APA102 didn’t provide the IC for China factory any more, so nobody can make APA102C LEDs. but original APA102 LEDs from Taiwan is super expensive…

APA102C-based LED strips have been difficult for us to obtain, too, since our suppliers are switching over to use the newer SK9822. You might consider using those, since, in most situations, SK9822-based strips can be used as a drop-in replacement for the APA102C-based strips. You can find a detailed comparison between the two under the “Comparison with APA102C LED Strips” section of any of the SK9822 strips’ product pages, like this one.


yes, you are right, I know sk9822. but recently somebody told me APA107 LED, you know that? they told us APA107 is the upgrade of APA102, you company have tested it? i know apa107 price is cheaper.

We have not worked with the APA107 yet, but we’re looking into it.


i found this test for APA107,

they said: "the apa107 led heats less, and the led APA102 gave nearly NO intensity in the very beginning. (This gave no nice display), now there is some small brightness in the beginning of the APA107 curve. What is very good.”
can you test apa107? and let us know the result, I think Pololu is more professional.

Thanks for sharing that and for the extra push. We are still looking into getting some of those to test.


i received 1 reel APA107 LED, i can share some pieces if you want to test it.

Unfortunately, we do not have a good source for those right now, so testing them is not a priority at the moment, but thank you for the offer. Can you share where you got your reel? Also, we would be interested to hear any feedback that you have based on tests of your own.


I got it from newstar, will let you know the rest result.
but I am even expect their upgrade type, NS107S

I am wondering if it is possible to get more test information about the NS107S pixel RGB LEDs from Pololu?
I heard that NS107S with +26kHz PWM refresh rate, transfer speed is 30MHz, it is best in the market.

you can see:
NS107S: 26+ kHz PWM (the upgrade of APA107)
APA107: 9 kHz PWM
Taiwan APA102: 20+ kHz PWM
SK9822: 1.2 kHz PWM

do you have it?


We do not have any information about NS107S LEDs, but thank you for bringing them to our attention.