Anyway to set speed in VB.Net programming

Hi, I’m using the VB.Net code and programming using the sample code. I see you can make the servo move but is there any way to set the speed so the servo goes at a slower rate than just speeding there? I see you can do it in Mastero control center.

In the “Usc.dll” class there is “setSpeed(Byte servo, UInt16 value)”. Does that work for you? You can find that in this github repo:

Any examples on how you would do this? I don’t see any on that site.

I was able to find some by searching “setSpeed” :

This looks promising:

Sorry, I tried to get this to work. I am using Visual Basic and this is in C. I tried using one of the online converters to change it to VB but it didn’t run at all. If you have any VB samples that would be really hepfull.



You can just add device.setSpeed(channel, speed) before the device.setTarget(channel, target) line in the Pololu USB SDK’s MaestroEasyExampleVb example. If you do not want to use the .NET framework, you can use the Maestro’s virtual USB COM port instead. You can find more information under the “Serial Interface” section in the Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide.

- Amanda

That is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank You so much.