Any plans to make the 5A buck DC-DC regs adjustable?


i was wondering if there are any plans to make the 5A buck DC-DC regulators adjustable. Especially the one that is quarter-sized, that thing is super cool!
Basically, a pinout where I could adjust the desired output with a RC filtered PWM.

It looks like one of the boards,, offers feedback so I might be able to go something*-5v (0-5V? I could not find out the adjust-ability of the regulator on the product page.) Personally I would benefit from 0-10V, or something similar.

There are a lot of DC-DC breakout boards for the common regulators (ebay and the like), but Pololu’s are uniquely compact from what I’ve seen. Plus, I suspect they’re less likely to light on fire, as occasionally happens with ebay boards :p.

Thanks for the request and compliments on our new family of buck regulators. Unfortunately, different output voltage versions of those regulators require some changes in the components used, so it would probably not be practical to make an adjustable version that has an output range of close to 0V to 10V, and we don’t currently have plans to make any adjustable output versions. We are, however, working on different fixed output voltage versions for our D24V25F5 regulator, which we expect to have out soon.

The output voltage of the D24V60F5 regulator that you linked to is adjustable by adding a resistor, but only to lower voltages. There is an equation for calculating the resistor value needed for a particular output voltage in the “Decreasing the output voltage” section near the bottom of that regulator’s product page. In general these adjustable regulators work with changing resistances, so you might be able to achieve that with a digital potentiometer. It would have to be able to have that resistance isolated enough and able to withstand the output voltages of the regulator.


Thank you Claire for the helpful response! Bummer, I should have known the likelihood of having a wider range on the output would require a different component selection.

Thanks for the heads up that nothing is planned, and I might still try out the ?V-5v adjustment using a digital pot.