Any Known Issues w/ Drivers Failing to Install on W11?

I successfully execute the Pololu mini-maestro controller SW, but it does not ask if I want to install the drivers. When I start the application, it does not connect via the USB interface. Checking the Device Driver shows no Pololu device present. Any ideas?


I moved your post to the “Servo controllers and servos” section of the forum since it is referring to the Maestro servo controller.

If you do not see any entry for your Maestro in the Device Manager (even a generic one), then I suspect the issue is that you are using a USB charging cable instead of a data cable. Charging cables do not have the wires required for data communication, so while they will provide power, there is no way for the computer and Maestro to communicate. Could you try using different USB cables (preferably one you know can work to transfer data with other devices)?


Thanks Brandon. I’m unsure what type of USB mini cable it is so I ordered a specific data cable, and we will see if the board will come up.