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Animatronic ball jointed doll

Hi this is my first robotic project.
I ussed maestro 18 and a up regulator.
Servos are sg90.
Im a bjd creator and wqnted to have a base body that could be programmed so i could use it in my video clips. Yes… my dolls are part a of music band :slight_smile:
I model on fusion 360 and print on zortrax m200.
Face up is done with panpastels and moster super clear flat uv cut varnish.
This is only the prototype. Im working on imrpovements… better neck moivements ans adding the bust bending left and right.
Thereis a total of 12 servos is the upper part of the doll. They are 1/3 scale . 65cm tall from feet to head.
Below is the link to my first clip using my boy dolls

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Thank you for sharing your project. We love seeing projects using the Maestro!

Keep up the good work!


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