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Animated pilot For my RC plane

Hi guys,
I have used a pololu micro maestro 6 to animate the head moovements of my pilot. I really like the outcome and you can watch it in action in this youtube video.

Since I am doing a new model now, I was wandering if I can change the servo speed during one loop. It would look way more realistic, if the pilot would sometimes turn his head quick and sometimes slow. Maybe you can help me out. Would be great.

cheers Klaus



If you are using the Maestro’s internal scripting or sending commands via the serial interface, you can use the appropriate speed commands, SPEED, and Set Speed, respectively. You can learn more about those commands under the Command Reference and Serial Servo Commands sections of the Maestro’s user’s guide, which you can find under the Resources tab of it’s product page.

If you are using the Maestro’s sequencer, there is no practical way to update the speed of the servos as the loop is running. (Although you can set the speed of a channel beforehand by configuring the Speed parameter in the Channel Settings tab of the Maestro Control Center.) In that case, you might try experimenting with adding positions in between your end position and starting position. If you are up for it, you could also try switching over to using the Maestro’s internal scripting so you can use the SPEED command. The “Copy Sequence to Script” button under the “Sequence” tab can help you get started.

By the way, cool project! It looks like the pilot’s head has two degrees of freedom: it can rotate side to side and tilt up and down. Is that right? If you have pictures or video that directly show how the servos connect to the pilot, I’d love to see them!


I watched the YouTube video and was wowed! I would love to learn more details of how you built the Focke-Wulf. The video didn’t seem to show any engine exhaust so I guess you are using battery power and an electric motor. (Forgive my innocence.)