Angle of Rotation Sensor

Hello from a total newbe,

I have a project for which I need to turn a motor in one direction until a certain angle of rotation is met then turn in the opposite direction until another angle is reached. I have a relatively clear understanding of how to set up the motor and controller but not how to obtain the angle of rotation. Is is possible to attache a continuous rotation potentiometer to the end of the shaft and use an analog signal as input to the controller ? Would it also be possible to display the angle of rotation on the LCD? Any help would be very much appreciated.


Yes, you could use a potentiometer like that to get an angular position. You might also use an encoder to count small segments of angular rotation to achieve the same thing. Once you know your position, you could connect your controller to an LCD screen like one of these and display the value. What works best for your setup depends on a variety of things.