The Android platform is based around the Java programming language. There are countless books and webpages devoted to learning Java. I would strongly recommend learning some general Java principles before you try and do anything Android specific. Computer programming is something that few people can just jump straight into, so by all means look at some Android source code to get the feel of it, but don’t be surprised if you find it daunting at first - accept that you’ll have to walk before you can run. I can really recommend the ‘Head First’ series of books they have a really funny and unique style, and their Java book is an entertaining introduction for any learner: … 288&sr=8-1

When you’ve got some Java basics under your belt, head on over to the Android developers page at:

Fortunately the Android team provide some of the most helpful documentation and tools out there, for a free platform. You’ll need to install the Eclipse development environment, which is a very popular free development environment for Java generally; then add in the Android plugin which gives you various helpful shortcuts to compiling and testing your first Android code on the provided emulator.

Hope this is a helpful general pointer… Learning to create well written, useful and engaging programs requires a serious time investment, but the whole process of learning and seeing something that you created ‘work’, is hugely rewarding. Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

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