"analog" voltmeter using servo and Voltsensor

I’m working with a project that need some visuality.
I need that my voltage input (-2 to +2)V to be visualised with a big arrow…
Thinking- some voltage sensor (suggestions ?) that can meassure -2 to +2 Volt, and convert it somhow and output it to a servo.
servo has a big arrow on it and will be able to show steps 0,1V
Help :slight_smile:
No computer connected. just a servo, power, some kind of controller and something checking voltage…
Best regards

anyone ? suggestions ??
so far i have
1 arduino
1 servo
1 powersensor
but no brand/part no.
coding for the arduino
how to make the input power adjust the output servo :slight_smile: ?
any suggestions ?

Hello, John,

Many microcontrollers have analog inputs (also called analog-to-digital converters, or ADCs) that can read a voltage between 0 V and their logic voltage, which is often 5 V or 3.3 V. Once you have that reading, it is straightforward to use it to calculate a target position for your servo. So the tricky part would be shifting your -2 to 2 V signal to a 0 to 5 V (or less) range; you might be able to do that with a circuit like this.

Unless you already have an Arduino or prefer to work with one, I would recommend using one of our Maestro servo controllers instead. The Maestro has a built-in scripting capability that is more limited than what you can program an Arduino to do, but it is certainly capable of positioning a servo based on an appropriate analog input voltage. You can find an example script that does this in section 6.c of the Maestro user’s guide (look for “Using an analog input to control servos”).

- Kevin