Analog output


I was hoping that I could achieve a analogue output from the organgutan 328 but this does not seem to be as straight forward as I first thought.

I am using a servo controller to record information relating to a test stand for hoppy aircraft mortors. The servo controller is directly connected using USB to the computer where I can poll the servo controller for the state of a number of analogue inputs like voltage and current and record and display the information. This works well so far.

One of the inputs I wanted to record was rpm. The servo controller resolution is no way near adequate to record rpm of something that is spinging at around 30,000rpm. For a three bad propeller I expect to get up to 90,000 pulse a minute and the pulse width fairly small at around 3/360 per revolution.

I was trying to work out how I could use a organgutan combined with the servo controller to do this? If the organgutan could record the pulses and output to an analogue output I could then still interface through the servo controller to get the rpm?

I don’t have a lot of experience with this and I was hoping someone else could point me in the right direction.


Hello, Matthew.

It looks like you started a similar thread here, and another forum member and I have responded to your issue in that thread. Please continue any discussion there.

- Jeremy