Analog Output/Write

Pololu Wixel Do you have an analog output/write?
How do I use the analog output/write?
For example, the
1 3.3v
0.7 2.31 ​​v
0.5 1.65 v
0 0v
Is it?

Hello. The Wixel does not have a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), so it cannot do what you describe. If you want to generate a PWM signal instead, you could use one of the timers to do that. More information about the timers are in the CC2511F32 datasheet.


Also, How to properly drive the dc motor?

Test-servo.c ran servo motors.
But the PWM signal “l293d and Pololu TB6612FNG” did not work.
Did not work at full speed. Moves very slowly.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

The Wixel’s servo library and the test_servos app will not work well for DC motors because they emit RC pulses, which are special type of PWM that usually have a duty cycle between 5% and 10%. You should look into using one of the Wixel’s timers (for example, Timer 1) to generate PWM signals for motor control.


I figured it out.
My knowledge, not much. My English is very bad.
Example of dc motor drive for Pololu wixel have? (l293d or Pololu TB6612FNG)
Or do I have to make from scratch?

Unfortunately, we do not have an example of what you are looking for. --David