AMIS-30543 test for faults

This AMIS-30543 is connected to a Mega board and Arduino Sketch for it is installed but it does not work. Can it be a problem with the AMIS board? Can the output be tested to see if it is OK so far?


We test every board we make, so your AMIS-30543 was probably working at some point. There may be a problem with your test setup; can you post some pictures of your setup along with more information about your power supply and stepper motor, like datasheets or links to where you got them? Also, can you confirm you are using our library and our example programs from it to test your driver? Which example programs are you using?

- Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Thanks. You have great products, I just ordered a Tic 500!

Two possible problems I found: 1) I need a common ground between the Arduino and your chip; 2) I need more amps in the power supply.

I’m using the “example” in the Arduino program. There’s an explanation on your web site of how to connect, and I think I followed all those suggestions EXCEPT your explanation did not mention the common ground and I didn’t do it. I’ll test it again.

Please answer me two questions:

  1. Are the connections any different between the Uno your example mentions and the Mega I am using?
  2. How many amps would a stepper motor from an Ultimaker printer need, roughly?



Your original post included phone numbers to contact you below your signature, so I edited your post and removed those. Please keep in mind that our forum is public, so anyone can see your posts. If you want to contact us confidentially, then I recommend you email us at

With limited exceptions (e.g. differential signaling), having a common ground between all your components is necessary for reliable interfacing between electronics, and our minimal wiring diagrams on the product page do show the driver’s ground being connected to the motor power supply, logic power supply, and the microcontroller. Operating without a common ground risks potentially damaging the logic pins which would make the driver unusable.

We do not have any connection guides specifically for the Arduino Uno or Mega, though they could probably be used similarly, and you could probably use the examples in our library for guidance on where you could connect some of the pins. Could you post or link to whatever you are referencing to wire and program your setup along with some pictures of your actual setup? If you are using the example programs from our library, can you tell me which specific examples you are using?

I am not sure what stepper motors your Ultimaker printer uses, so you would have to look in your printer’s documentation for that. Could you post whatever part number or documentation you find for your stepper motors as well?

- Patrick

Thank you Patrick. I am hoping to buy hundreds of controllers to control power in a new consumer product.

As part of that I need to turn on and off power to a 12 V DC motor @ 3 Amps. Not a stepper, a regular brushless motor. Will your controller do that?


Unfortunately, none of motor drivers or controllers can be used with brushless DC motors.

- Patrick