Amateur wants to make an RC robot

I’m pretty new to this and I want to start small. I want to make a quadrupedal walking robot similar to the Tamiya Mechanical Tiger. I have no idea where to start. I only want to make it RC for moving forwards and backwards. I would prefer to learn to make it a wireless controller.

Here are some great beginners tutorials on robot building:
Highly recommended reading! I would recommend to start with a two-drive-wheeled robot (kits available from Pololu) and build the controller for that, before you move on to the more mechanically challenging walker.

Hi, start with a wheeled robot. You will find using servos etc very hard. Maybe impossible. Concider you have to make all the servos coordinate correctly & pwm all the servos. Even with a servo interface its very difficult. I have built an amazing wheeled robot & that took litrally years, but I built all the circuits/mcu myself.