AltIMU10 sensor

The specs for the AltIMU10 specify that the magnetometer chip is an LSM303DLHC. However the LSM303.cpp code in David Grayson’s sample program for the MinIMU9 detects the chip as an LSM303D with SA0 high. The program seems to run fine and readings seem accurate when left to its autodetected LSM303D setting, and forcing it to use the LSM303DLHC setting by hard coding it in the program causes it to fail altogether.

The reason I’m asking is because the two chips seem to use wildly different linear acceleration scales in the program: 0.244 mg/LSB for the LSM303D vs. 4 mg/digit for the LSM303DLHC. (ref.: MinIMU9.cpp, readAcc function).

So I have two questions:

  • Which chip is installed on the Altimu10 board: the LSM303DLHC as specified or the LSM303D as detected?
    - Should I leave the program alone and continue to use it as is, given that it seems to be working fine, or should I change the acceleration scale or any other parameter to ensure best accuracy?

Nevermind, I was reading the specs of the AltIMU v3 instead of the v4 I have. Sorry.


I am glad you were able to figure out your issue; thank you for letting us know.

- Amanda