Altimu 10 v5

Hi, unfortunately I have a problem with my accelerometer… I made calibration, and I’m using MiniIMU9AHRS to read my values. I am reading them from serial monitor. Values of the calibration looks like <-3360, 2421> for X for example. I am not sure if its right.
But the main problem is that accelerometer values sometimes goes down and up.
I am keeping the sensor in one position and values are like
-30 50 10
-40 60 20
-50 70 30
-40 60 20
-30 50 10

And so over.

EDIT: Now its more stable (but problem still exists in some conditions), but it reaching the proper value for a long time its like:
I put it in about 10 degrees and the readings like:
And it takes about 4-5 sec to stabilize the value…


I am sorry you are not getting the output you expect from your AltIMU-10. You mentioned that your accelerometer values keep changing, but the default output of the MinIMU9AHRS.ino sketch is a roll, pitch, and yaw angle, and the data you gave as an example more closely resembles that. Can you post an example of the actual values you are getting when you run the MinIMU9AHRS.ino sketch? Or, if you are using a different sketch that is showing the problem more clearly, what sketch is it?

It would also help if you post a video that clearly shows you rotating your MinIMU and the effect it has on the data you observe through the Arduino serial monitor.


Sorry for so long time without answer :). I soldered everything once again more properly and everything works fine now. By the way its really weird behave, because as I know with bad connections sensor shouldnt work at all… Instead of that microcontroller received invalid data, but close to the valid (?).

Anyway thank you for so fast response.
I have one more question, do you know or have any working implementation in C++ of kalman filter for this sensor?

The invalid behavior you were getting is strange, but not entirely unheard of for poor soldering joints.

We do not have recommendations for a Kalman filter in C++.