AltIMU 10 v5 with Raspberry


This is my post on this forum. I hope I am writing this under the right category otherwise I am sorry about it.

My question is does anyone know a good raspberry library that I can use to read data from AltIMU v5. I did found a library that works with AltIMU v4 but it does not support v5 I think it is because of those newer chips v5 has. I have seen on product detail page that guys from polulu wrote sample codes for Arduino. Maybe they can do the same for raspberry. Raspberry is a huge community I am sure your contribution will not go to waste.

For a simple solution there is a library called RTIMULib. It works on drivers a simple driver code could make us work with v5 sensors easily.

I am sure you guys will help me on this.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, I do not know of any software for the Raspberry Pi that supports the AltIMU-10 v5. You might consider getting an AltIMU-10 v4 or MinIMU-9 v3 and using it with the minimu9-ahrs project.

What kind of data do you want to read? Are you looking for a library that will just give you the raw data of the sensors or do you want it to give you the calculated orientation of the board? Are you going to use the pressue sensor?