AltIMU-10 v5 roll pitch yaw values

Hi so we got a AltIMU-10 v5 for our project. Tested it with the serial code and I get values from the accelerometer and gyroscope. They change when the stick is moved around.
Now I want to get the roll,pitch and yaw angles. Have used the minimu 9-AHRS code and have un-commented the lines where it is referring to the v5 product. I also downloaded the LIS3MDL library. However when I am running the code it is compiling but only the yaw angle seems to change when I move the stick. The others are always zero.
Any suggestions please?
EDIT: I skipped the calibration step, now I implemented and it and the values seem to be printing out right.


I am glad you are able to your AHRS code working; thanks for letting us know what the issue was.