AltIMU-10 v4

hi ryan!
im using your library in GITHUB :

i wanted to use your MinIMU9AHRS.ino file in my TEENSY 3.5 and after i changed what you ask to in the file, the program doesnt work with the error:

ארדואינו:1.6.13 (Windows 8.1), TD: 1.33, לוח:“Teensy 3.5, Serial, 120 MHz, US English”

sketch_jan04a: In function ‘void setup()’:
sketch_jan04a:162: error: ‘I2C_Init’ was not declared in this scope


it says that i2c_Init() is now declared in that scope, it has the same problem to accel gyro and so on.
can you help me please?


I am sorry you are having trouble using the AHRS code with your AltIMU. We have not tried that code with a Teensy, and we’re not sure if the Teensy has the necessary Arduino support to allow it to run our examples. Are you able to get other I2C devices working with your Teensy? Do you have a regular Arduino (UNO, Leonardo, etc.) you can try the AltIMU with?

By the way, I moved your post to the “Sensors” sub-forum, since it seems more appropriate.