AltIMU-10 v4 - results from module


I bought Pololu - AltIMU-10 v4, I used newest version from Github, I run examples (Serials etc.) and I didn’t modyfied any register manualy.

Gyro(when not moving):
X: -126
Y: -1431
Z: -98

Accelerometer (on flat desk):
X-axis: -15700 to 16100
Y-axis: -16000 to 16000
Z-axis: -15100 to 16700

Results are normal ? Should I expect that results (may it be damaged)?
Best regards


The output from your gyroscope looks like it could be normal to me. As for your accelerometer data, you label it as “on a flat desk”; does that mean you were not moving the IMU when you were looking at the data? Also, it sounds like you are using sample sketches from our Arduino library. Which Arduino are you using? Can you post samples of the serial output from the serial monitor of both the L3G and LSM303 while the AltIMU-10 is motionless?


I using Arduino Leonardo. Module is parratel directed to gravity vector. The amplitude of the data is that I have presented in first post (I can’t get full serial data right now).

It is hard to tell whether your readings are normal without seeing the full output, so please post it when you get a chance.