AltIMU-10 v4 - LSM303D

In documentation I found that the output from LSM303d is 16 bits, but as I am checking the output from my sensor, in case of magnetometer it is 13 bits ( the higher bit have values 0xFx and 0x0x) and in case of accelerometer I have 15 bits ( range 0x0x-0x3x and 0xCx-0xFx). Can it be caused by wrong register settings or my sensor is corrupted?


I am sorry you are having trouble reading data from your LSM303D. You should be able to get 16-bit values from that sensor. What are you using to read the data? If you are using an Arduino, can you use our LSM303 library and run the Serial example sketch? If you are not using our LSM303 library, you might be able to look at our library to get an idea of how to get your code working. If it is still not working, can you post that simplest version of your code that you think should work, but does not?

Also, what are your full scale parameters set to? If you post some example output, I can take a look at it to see if it makes sense based on your settings.