Alternatives to creating a custom cable for Zumo robot

Is there a way to use the stock ribbon cable that comes with the Pixy2 camera to assemble the Zumo robot rather than building a custom cable in the “putting it all together” section of the assembly guide? Or an alternative that does not involve soldering? The picture below shows the custom cable in the assembly guide.


I am not very familiar with that guide or the Pixy2 camera, so I do not have any specific recommendations for an alternative solution.

It looks like all of the connections might be made to 0.1" spaced headers, so if that’s the case you might be able to use something like our Premium Jumper Wires. However, there probably isn’t enough clearance under the Zumo to connect them to the ICSP header on the Arduino, so you might need to find a workaround for that (such as soldering some extension wires to the Arduino header or moving the 2x6 header to the other side of the board).