Alternative to 42x19mm Pololu tires

Are there any other tires that fit the 35mm encoder hubs? preferably smooth and larger



I do not know of any other tires that fit those 35mm hubs. We carry a 22 tooth and 30 tooth track that can be used with them, but the encoders do not work as well with these tracks in our experience. If you want to use encoders with a different wheel, you might consider our optical encoders for our micro metal gearmotors with extended shafts. This would allow you the option of using any of the wheels we carry that are compatible with the 3mm D-shaft on the micro metal gearmotors. This includes the RW2i wheel, which is smoother than our 42x19mm wheel, but smaller in diameter. Unfortunately, those wheels are currently out of stock. We expect to have them available again in about two weeks.