Alternative Battery Configurations

I’m using the RRC04A chassis, an Arduino Leonardo, an Arduino Motor Shield, and an Arduino Proto Shield for my simple robot. I’d like to use the 900mAh NiMH AAA 6V battery pack that I got from you, but it won’t fit under the Arduino, so mounting it is going to take some creativity. However, if you had a version of the same battery pack, which is currently 5 AAA-size cells connected side by side, with three cells side by side and two on top, I think it would fit in the space I have, which would result in a really neat little robot.

So I have two questions:

  1. Can I reconfigure the cells in the pack I have without causing some problem?
  2. Would you consider supplying a similar battery pack in the two-level configuration?

I know you have a 2200mAh config that is 2 levels, but it uses AA-size cells, which makes it too large to fit neatly under my Arduino board.



We are unlikely to have the configuration you are asking for soon, and reconfiguring it yourself probably is not practical. Can you use the 6-cell pack instead? The footprint would be the same as the 5-cell configuration you’re asking for, and it would probably give you a more appropriate voltage range for the Arduino, anyway.

- Jan

Well, I tried taping 6 AAA cells together to check the fit. If it weren’t for the wires coming out of the back of the motors it would work. Five cells in the configuration I mentioned would work if put in upside down.

I may try re-installing the motors and trying to get the leads out of the way, but the tabs on the motors have been bent once, and I have the feeling they don’t like being bent more than once. Since each motor costs about $15, I’m reluctant to take chances. I really do wish the tabs on the small gearmotors were a bit more robust.