Alternate Mode for USB Type-C Breakout Board?

Pololu USB 2.0 BreakoutBoard

Hello, Id like to use the Breakout Board for USB C in Alternate Mode so that I can use one of the SBU lines to send a single-ended analog signal. The item description says Alternate Mode needs to be configured to use the SBU, and following the link provided didnt give me much information. Can you please help me to configure the breakout board in alternate mode so I can use all of the pins?

Thank you!

Hi, drworm.

We do not have experience using Alternate Modes with USB Type-C, but my understanding is that configuration is done electronically between the host and device when the USB connection is made (it is basically a communication process through which the host finds out what Alternate Mode(s) the device supports and then requests the device to repurpose some of the USB lines for a different use accordingly). Here is a short article that explains a little more, and the full specs can be found in section 5.1 of the USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification.

If you are interested in developing something that supports an Alternate Mode, you might consider using a dedicated controller IC that could help take care of some of the lower level details (e.g. TI TPS65983B, Cypress CYPD1120; note that we have not used either of these, so I can’t be sure they would be suitable for what you want to do).