Alt IMU v4

I bought Alt IMU V4. I see that the readings are correct up to 20 deg roll and pitch. Why this limitation?
I’m using the code available at


There should be no such limitation. What behavior do you see when you increase the roll or pitch past 20 degrees?


when moving the physical platform over 20 deg in pitch or roll I see values that go down from 20 deg to 0 and then negative and the some fluctuation (maybe drifting?). Do you have an Arduino code that you can recommend and that works for sure? I’m sure you have one better than the 9 degree of freedom that I found on github (indicated in my previous post).
I’m using the AltIMU 10 v4 (with the baro).
Thank you.

If you are using the minimu-9-ahrs-arduino code, and you rotate the AltIMU 360 degrees around the pitch axis, you should see the pitch angle change from 0 to 90, 90 to 0, 0 to -90, and -90 to 0. If you rotate around the yaw and roll axes, you should see the yaw and roll angles change from 0 to 180, then change from 180 to -180, and then from -180 to 0.

Can you tell me more about your setup? What microcontroller are you using to read the data? Can you post a video that shows you moving the platform? If your video does not show it, can you post pictures that show the orientation of the AltIMU on the platform? Can you also show the raw output of the sensors in your video?