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All Terrain Battle Tank for Kids

My three-year-old son has been insisting that he wants a battle tank toy and I think it’s a great idea. However, I want to build one for him. I believe I can do it. I would like you guys to assist me with ideas. Which is the easiest tank to create and what do i need?


I moved your post to the more general robotics and electronics discussion section of the forum since you do not seem to be asking specifically about any of our robots.

Your question is very broad, which makes it hard to offer any suggestions. I recommend doing some research on what is out there already and then coming up with a basic plan and some more directed questions. For example, if you decide on the approximate size and weight you are interested in, how hast you want the tank to be, and what kinds of things you want it to do, someone might be able to point you toward appropriate motors or a chassis.


I would like to create an RC Tank 2.4G Germany Tiger with a remote control.

Victor, thanks for your comment.

Based on your comment I guess I should have repeated my question at the
end of the post. Also, I am using Pololu motors #2275 and Pololu motor
controllers #1451. However, it is not electronics I need help with it is
Arduino code.

More specifically, what I am looking for is help with is how to
translate the RobotC code, which is used with Vex robots, and
conceptually does exactly what I need, into to Ardunio C or C++ code. I
simply have not been able to fully decipher the Vex RobotC code
referenced in my post in order to write an Arduino sketch that will
cause my bot to travel in a straight line.

I have done extensive research on PID and understand how it works. Also,
I have looked at numerous ArduinoC, and c++ code for implementing PID,
to include the Arduino PID library. Unfortunately, it appears most
Arduino C or C++ PID code is overly complex and provides far more
precision than is needed to have my bot travel in a straight line.

Any suggestions on how to translate the Vex RobotC code to an Arduino
sketch that implements the master motor slave motor concept would be
greatly appreciate.

Thank you for any advice you may provide.


RussellJames It’s okay. You will find the advice you need.

Hi, VgKing.

“I would like to create an RC Tank 2.4G Germany Tiger with a remote control.”

That is not really enough information to offer any more advice. As I mentioned before, I recommend forming a plan or parts list and asking specific questions about those parts.