Algorithm to take the velocity from IMU

I have an miniIMU imu01c 0J003.
After calibration step discussed in previous step it is working super good.

With the sketch MinIMU-9-Arduino-AHRS I have the datas of Attitude and heading reference system. That are angles. Good.

Now I want to take only the velocity out of the IMU. So that I can combine “how fast” an object is moving with “in which direction” and find out a path that represents the trajectory of the object.

Is it possible? Which algorithm I have to use? Is there something already implemented?


An IMU can’t tell you how fast it is moving. Outdoors, GPS works well. Indoors, you need odometry of some sort, like wheel encoders.


CH Robotics has a good article that explains why it is impractical to estimate position and velocity with this type of IMU.