Alarm clock


Does anyone have a link or can help me build an alarm clock that i can then get to control a real world situation, a few minutes before actually waking me up. I want to boil my coffee pot and then wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

I have a pretty good understanding of avr’s now, though have never had to implement a clock function, then i thought i could use a relay switch to be activated two minutes before the time on the clock.

Please can anyone help?

I’m glad you’re getting better at programming the AVRs. This seems like a fun project to work on, and it won’t be too difficult to get something working. First of all, I suggest that you don’t put any of your electronics on the wall/mains power lines. I wouldn’t trust myself to build 220V circuitry in my house, and there are plenty of other ways to do it. First of all, do you have a coffee pot that will start brewing coffee as soon as you plug it in? If so, you can put it into an outlet that’s controlled by a light switch, and build a small robot that uses a single servomotor to flick the switch on in the morning. Then the challenge just becomes learning to generate the servo pulses and do the overnight timing.

Also, I forget - do you have one of the Orangutan controllers? If you have one of the Arduino-compatible boards, you can use the Arduino environment and get easy access to various timing and (I think) servo control functions.